Bowshooters Station Decal Camouflage Cap Adjustable Bow Holding Clevis
Camouflage Cap
Our Price: $14.00
4-3/4 inch, round. Lo- impact ,vinyl decal featuring the Bowshooters Station logo.....perfect for adhering to vehicle glass.  These decals will adhere to ice chest, etc. but when removed will also remove paint so be careful of placement.  MADE IN THE USA. Camo print, adjustable cap with Bowshooters Station emblem embroider on the front
and La Hunting Gear embroidered on the back of the shirt.
Need to hold two bows at once?  This is standard on the Bowshooters Station, however, if you need to hold two bows simultaneously, just add this additional clevis to the opposite side of the frame.

The adjustable bow holding clevis is made of a powder-coated, light-weight metal to withstand the
elements. It holds any bow, whether it’s the older bow or the new split limb design, and it
can hold it in 21 positions!
Body-Pierced Deer Tee Shirt Replacement Cup
Replacement Cup
Our Price: $4.00
This new design features the Bowshooters Station logo on the front of the Tee and a body-pierced deer on the back of the shirt. Available in Desert Tan and Hunters Green. Print is in orange.  100% pre-stretched cotton. The replacement cup for the Bowshooters Station is 3-inches in diameter and 3-inches tall.

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BowShooters Station

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Our Price: $79.00
Bowshooters Station

Available in either black or pink.

The Bowshooters Station is a portable, light-weight caddy for all your archery essentials. Its rugged construction will hold all types of bows including, long bow, older compound bows and the new split-limb parallel bow. It comes complete with an adjustable bow-holding clevis that can be set up for either right or left-handed shooters and in 21 possible positions. It also includes a convenient beverage holder and 2 arrow holders with a capacity of 12 arrows each. Need to hold two bows? Just add an additional bow-holding clevis and you're set. The Bowshooter Station is a sturdy, powdered-coated, mild-steel frame measuring 19" tall, 21.5" wide and 18" deep. Portable, light-weight, rugged and durable caddy for all your bow shooting accessories. Bowshooter Station ships UPS, but darn it, we are unable to ship to Hawaii & Alaska at this time.